Polyester of roll


Simplicity and economy have been appreciated at all times, and especially in the 21st century. Nobody wants to buy furniture that they can’t sit on or a jacket that can’t be washed. Not many materials manage to satisfy the demanding buyer, but the synthetic winterizer is the best. To buy a polyester of roll wholesale first you need to decide on its properties and variety.

What does it consist of?
Polyester of roll – it is a collective image that defines the type of nonwovens made of polyester fibers. Also, the basis for the polyester of roll can be recycled secondary raw materials, which allows you to save natural resources and the environment.

Advantages of polyester in roll
Every year, the production of padding polyester is being improved, allowing you to create a product that is safe for health with excellent performance:

• Increased thermal insulation
• Lightness, airiness of finished products from synthetic winterizer
• Resistant to deformation, quickly regains its shape
• Hypoallergenic
• Preservation of volume and quality after leaving
• Affordable cost

Application area
An inexpensive and practical synthetic winterizer filler can be found:
– in furniture production
– for the manufacture of outerwear
– as a filler for textile products (pillows, blankets, bedspreads, covers)
– for stuffing soft toys
– for car interiors
– for filters on industrial hoods

Care rules
The synthetic winterizer is quite easy to care for, however, knowing a few nuances will help keep the finished products in their best shape:
– hand and machine wash of padding polyester is allowed at a temperature not exceeding 30 °
– drying and spinning in machine mode is contraindicated for sintepon
– it is better not to soak products made of synthetic winterizer
– при стирке нельзя использовать агрессивные моющие средства, содержащие хлор и отбеливатели
– отпаривать изделия из синтепона не рекомендуется

Kharkov factory DOTINEM accepts individual orders for synthetic winterizer in large and small wholesale. We are pleased to offer you products of the highest quality, produced according to European quality standards.