Sewing of household textiles - Custom textile production | Factory DOTINEM, Kharkov, Ukraine

Sewing home textiles

The DOTINEM factory has been occupying a leading position in the textile market of Ukraine for more than 7 years. Our own production allows us to produce and sell high-quality textile products, improve the technological process, expand production facilities while maintaining a low price.

Buy textiles wholesale from the DOTINEM factory you can under the trademarks «Uyut», «Charivnyiy son», «Dotinem» и «Верона».

We provide a range of services to enterprises, government organizations, individuals and legal entities directly from the manufacturer:

  • Sewing blankets – more than 50 items will allow you to choose products with an optimal price / quality ratio. Available in standard sizes, custom made blankets with individual fill and size.
  • Pillow production according to quality standards from synthetic and natural materials. Standard product sizes available, custom made pillows.
  • Production of mattresses standard according to GOST RST USSR 1103-88 – modern equipment involves the manufacture of mattresses to order, according to individual customer sizes.
  • Sewing bedding sets – production of optimal options for business, organizations and hotels based on a wide range of materials and colors.
  • Stitch fabrics – DOTINEM factory performs quilting on multi-needle equipment. Customers can choose from the width of the web from 1.5 to 3.0 m.
  • Production of batting canvas-stitched and needle punched, wool felt wadding, polyester of roll and hollofiber in roll, nonwoven cotton fabric – high-tech equipment of the DOTINEM factory produces high-quality thermally bonded fabric of various hardness and density. The width of the web is from 150 to 220 cm. The density of the insulation is within 80-400 g / m2.
  • Recycling into filler for furniture – recycling of textile lunges of garment production, rags.
    The regenerated fibers obtained in this way are used for the production of wipes, non-woven insulation for outerwear, fillers for cotton mattresses, soft toys and the furniture industry.
  • Production according to the full and partial tolling scheme – all of the above services are provided by the Kharkov plant DOTINEM, including from materials and raw materials of the customer, which makes it possible to obtain a finished product with a personal brand without spending money on launching its own productio.

All products of the DOTINEM factory received an opinion in accordance with sanitary and hygienic standards and safety requirements.

Cooperation with us means high quality, speed of order processing and one of the most optimal prices in Ukraine.