Wadded mattress


Wadded mattresses are real long-livers in the textile market. Not a single modern mattress, be it an orthopedic or other model, has been able to compete with them in terms of practicality and economy.

The history of the emergence of a wadded mattress goes back to the distant 18th century. It was then that mattresses with woolen padding began to be used in the homes of the nobility, horsehair, and a little later wadded fiber. But modern wadded mattresses produced by the Kharkov factory DOTINEM do not resemble for a long time unpretentious models from everything that comes to hand. Today, wadded mattresses are high-quality products from regenerated fiber or natural cotton for a restful and relaxing sleep.

Why, with such high competition, wadded mattresses Ukraine remain one of the most demanded products for sleeping? The popularity of the wadded mattress is due to a whole set of positive properties:

  • Practicality – the wadded mattress is easy to transport and takes up minimal space in a difficult state
  • Durability – Meticulous all-round picking helps to maintain original performance
  • High air permeability and thermal insulation
  • Multifunctionality – the possibility of heat treatment allows the use of cotton mattresses in public places
  • Price advantage – wadded mattresses in wholesale much cheaper than spring models, while not inferior to them in convenience and practicality

All products of the Kharkov factory DOTINEM are certified and safe for children, allergy sufferers and people with special needs. Wadded mattresses are indispensable for children’s bedrooms, health camps, medical institutions, military units, motels, hotels and boarding houses. They are unpretentious in maintenance, and in order to keep the bed clean and comfortable, it is enough to ventilate the cotton mattress or take it for dry cleaning.

We offer a choice of wadded mattresses Kharkiv, both standard sizes and made according to individual parameters.:

  • Wadded mattress in wholesale length 1.9 m, width 0.7 / 0.8 / 0.9 / 1.2 / 1.4 / 1.6 m with a height of 7 cm
  • Children`s wadded mattress in wholesale 120×60 and 140×60 cm, height 5 or 6 cm
  • Wadded mattress in wholesale polycotton 55g / m2 or 75g / m2
  • Wadded cotton mattress in wholesale 100 % cotton
  • Wadded cotton mattress with special fiber for mattress
  • Wadded cotton mattress with 100 % cotton fiber (raw cotton)

Wadded mattresses from the manufacturer – this is a comfortable sleep at minimal cost.