About us | Factory of home textiles Dotinem, Kharkov

DOTINEM factory – is a modern production of home textiles and nonwovens. Our company was founded in 2010 and for more than 10 years has been producing and selling textile products wholesale and retail, both from natural fillers that have passed the test of time, and from modern hypoallergenic materials.

We offer you the main types of our products:

Home textiles:



Our partners and clients value us because we:

  • The widest range of products, high quality and modern materials, available sizes will help to maximize customer satisfaction. The products presented in the catalog will interest the owners of hotels, boarding houses and hotels.
  • Own production gives our clients a unique opportunity order textile products custom sizes. Information about the production of a batch of goods “to order” is in the services section.
  • Quality guarantor of our products and qualified service there is cooperation with many Ukrainian enterprises, retail chains, factories for the manufacture of furniture and sewing outerwear.
  • We invite entrepreneurs and wholesale buyers to cooperate. We are focused on the long term and strive for cooperation on mutually beneficial terms. Our prices are pleasing with democracy, and goods – with attractiveness and high level of quality.
  • To our clients we offer flexible pricing, convenient payment options and streamlined delivery channels. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the assortment of textile products wholesale and retail in the catalog. To get the terms of cooperation on the dropshipping system, fill out the feedback form on the website.

Become our client and enjoy the benefits of cooperation with the DOTINEM factory.