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The DOTINEM factory offers goods in large and small wholesale, as well as retail

Delivery methods

  • Pickup from our warehouse:
    Kharkiv city, st. Shevchenko 24.
  • Delivery by courier services-carriers:
    – NovaPoshta
    – UkrPoshta
  • Delivery by our transport across Kharkov
  • By private carrier on the territory of Ukraine

Delivery regions

Factory DOTINEM delivers goods to any region of Ukraine.

Payment methods for products

For enterprises and entrepreneurs
  • C.O.D – the recipient pays the shipping cost and money transfer upon receipt
  • Cash payment upon pickup from the warehouse or upon receipt of goods. Payment is accompanied by a sales receipt, an act of acceptance and transfer of goods and an invoice.
  • Cashless payments – delivery of goods and payment is carried out according to the contract.

For non-cash payments, you must provide the following information:

  1. full name of the legal enterprise / organization or full name of physical recipient’s face
  2. recipient contacts
  3. EDRPOU code for organization / enterprise
For individuals
  • C.O.D – upon receipt of the goods delivered by courier or after checking the contents at the warehouse of the shipping company.
  • Cash payment upon pickup from the warehouse or at the time of delivery of the goods to the address.
  • Cashless payments via the terminal or online service to the PrivatBank card.


* Details for payment for goods to wholesale and retail buyers are sent in personal correspondence

Return and exchange conditions

    The company carries out return and exchange of textile products in accordance with the Law «On consumer protection».


    Product can be returned within 14 days:

  1. upon detection of a manufacturing defect;
  2. the size or completeness of the goods does not correspond to those declared when placing the order.
  • We agree to refund or exchange the product if the product has not been used and the original packaging has been retained. After manipulations by the client over the goods (washing, sewing, etc.), the goods cannot be returned.
  •  Upon receipt of the goods at the Nova Poshta branch, check it for integrity, completeness and dimension. Receipt of your order – confirms your consent to its compliance with the parameters stated when placing the order. If you have any questions, we strongly ask you to contact the managers of our online store.
  •  Return delivery of goods is carried out by agreement.
  • According to the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights, the cost of courier services is withheld from the consumer when returning or exchanging goods of good quality – according to the tariffs of the delivery service.

    The company may refuse to exchange and return goods of good quality to the consumer if they belong to the categories in the current The list of non-food products of good quality, not subject to return and exchange.

    Supplement No. 3 to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated March 19, 1994 No.172.

    List of goods of good quality that cannot be exchanged (returned):

    Food products, medicines and products, hygiene items

    Non-food products:
– sewing and knitwear
– photographic films, photographic plates, photographic paper
– corsetry goods
– perfumery and cosmetic products
– feather and down products
– soft toys
– children’s toys rubber inflatable
– toothbrushes
– mouthpieces
– shaving machines
– shaving brushes
– combs, combs and massage brushes
– mute (for wind musical instruments)
– violin chins
– gloves
– fabrics
– tulle and lace fabrics
– meter carpets
– underwear
– bed sheets
– hosiery
– products in aerosol packaging
– printed editions
– linear and laminated metal, pipe products lumber, molded (plinth, platband), board materials (wood fiber and chipboard plywood) and glass, cut or cut to the size specified by the buyer (customer)
– audio, video cassettes, disks for laser reading systems with recording
– products from natural and artificial hair (wigs)
– goods for babies (diapers, nipples, feeding bottles, etc.)
– tools for manicure, pedicure (scissors, nail files, etc.)
– jewelry made of precious metals, precious stones, precious stones of organogenic formation and semi-precious stones
( The list with the changes made in accordance with the Resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers N 1317 (1317-2003-p) dated 20.08.2003, N 1642 ( 1642-2004-п ) от 13.12.2004, N 1173 (1173-2005-п ) от 07.12.2005 )

We are open for cooperation, we are glad to all wholesale and retail buyers