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Home textiles wholesale from the manufacturer

    Kharkov factory DOTINEM – is a well-known Ukrainian manufacturer with a carefully selected assortment of home textiles, kitchen decor, nonwovens and raw materials in one catalog. If you are looking for high-quality textiles at a bargain price, then among our products you can easily select the right product. Here you can buy home textiles wholesale for further sale or retail – for personal use.

 Home textiles from the manufacturer Dotinem: main characteristics

    Our catalog contains trendy products of our own production. To choose a suitable sample, you just need to study the product card equipped with:

  • high resolution photography;
  • detailed description of the product (characteristics, advantages).

    You can easily make the right choice of kitchen decor and bed linen in virtual mode.

    DOTINEM home textile factory produces certified products that meet high quality standards and key requirements of the relevant authorities.

    In addition to quality, we also follow fashion trends – in the catalog you will find popular models made from innovative hypoallergenic fibers and fabrics in both monochrome and variegated colors.

    If you have questions regarding the price, quality, choice of textiles in Ukraine, you can ask them to our consultants by the phones listed on the website, or leave a request on the website.

Dotinem Home Textile Factory Product Catalog

    We are selling home textiles from the manufacturer at a bargain price. Our catalog contains a large selection of products. Among them:

  • Home textiles for living room, bedroom and kitchen. You can order blankets, pillows, wadded mattresses and mattress toppers, tablecloths, pillows for chairs, oven mitts, bed linen;
  • Home textiles for hotels wholesale. Buy bed linen, pillows, blankets from this section and visitors to your hotels, boarding houses, recreation centers and hotels will be satisfied with the quality of sleep;
  • Childen’s goods: we understand that small clients require special attention and care, therefore we use high-quality, hypoallergenic materials for the manufacture of sets for newborns, baby bedding, pillows and blankets for babies;
  • Nonwovens, used for the production of napkins, outerwear (coats), workwear, the manufacture of upholstered furniture, toys. Our catalog contains an extensive range of non-woven materials: batting canvas-stitched and needle punched, polyester of roll, hollofiber in roll, wool felt wadding, wiping cloth. They are made on professional equipment. You can order nonwovens in bulk from the manufacturer by phone or on our website;
  • Fillers for the manufacture of pillows, blankets, mattresses, upholstered furniture, toys and outerwear.At the Kharkov factory DOTINEM you can easily choose: a ball holofiber, artificial swan down, synthetic fluff, fiillers for furniture for your enterprise.

    Our factory is proud that we managed to achieve a harmonious combination of fabrics and colors, excellent quality in the manufacture of home textiles – all this is presented not only on the website, but also in huge quantities in the warehouse. We made the selection procedure simple and convenient, and delivery as fast as possible to any corner of the country.

How to place an order with us?

    To order home textiles (Kharkiv), leave a request on the website or order a call back. Our specialist will contact you to clarify the details of delivery and payment for the goods. There is a possibility of cash and non-cash payments, as well as cash on delivery. The following delivery options are possible:

  • local pickup (Kharkiv);
  • courier delivery;
  • delivery by our transport across Kharkov;
  • by private carrier in Ukraine.

    DOTINEM factory – open to cooperation and business proposals!

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